Friday Links (Black Friday Edition)

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”
-Oprah Winfrey

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, ducklings! Jeff and I finally made it to The Mayflower for Thanksgiving dinner, and it was about as charming a British pub as you could find anywhere. In less happy news, Black Friday has crossed the Atlantic in all its greedy glory. I like a deal as much as the next kid but I can’t say I like this development.

2014-11-27 20.14.00

Of all the things for us to export culturally, it had to be this thing

For my next gala event, I think I shall require tiaras. With bonus points for unusual ones.

Know your consumption, and it’s effects, I suppose.

One writer tells of their experience sending celebrities fan mail, and who wrote back. I wrote to President Clinton as a little girl and got a note back on White House stationary that was QUITE impressive at show and tell.

Interesting piece from Business Insider about the two traits found in successful relationships and why.

Our taxi drivers put those of any other metropolis to shame. I will fight anyone who says different.

Trigger warning, this story is about sexual brutality towards children. But it’s an important read to know what women and girls are up against in some corners of the world. And the last two sentences will get you right in the gut.

Simplistic, but more or less spot on, I think. (Can’t stop chortling over the, “Guys….”)

Long live English.

Step into a cookbook editor’s kitchen.

How do you not know that you have one of these?!

Emails With Friends: Meta Thanksgiving is Meta

“How goes your week of not observing thanksgiving due to living under the oppressive rule of the tyrannical Queen Elizabeth II?”
“Ahem. I am partaking of Thanksgiving dinner this year at a pub called The Mayflower, situated near the site where the Mayflower ship was originally moored before setting off to the Netherlands and then New World, and across the street from the church where the Captain of the Mayflower is buried. Why, what tawdry, subpar festivities are you enjoying?”
“That’s awesome! I’m just taking a bunch of Raleigh Tavern pies over the river and through the woods to the family dinner…going to avoid the kitchen since that one time I made a turkey. I also made an oven fire (which was, however, my roommate’s fault).”
“Last year I had takeaway curry.”
– Katarina and C.

Friday Links

“And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

On Wednesday I put on construction boots and gear and got to go through a Grade II listed historic building site getting nicely dusted up. Yesterday we put on the event I’d been primary planner on at Somerset House and spent a few hours going around in heels and a LBD entertaining the super wealthy with caviar, champagne, and vodka (the sourcing of which on such short notice has rather consumed my work life for the last week and a half). In other words, the gig continues to be great!

It also continues to be terribly busy so here are your links, quick and dirty!



Pemberley is for sale, team. And it has a bear pit.

Words can’t express how heartily I endorse this.

Well, this is grimm…sorry. I’ll show myself out…

Who knew that C02 could like this artistic?

Ebloa, already a horrifying disease, has another scary component I just learned about this week, a degree of sexual transmission ability. Yikes.

Jeff has found his next cooking project.

Well this is just positively heartwarming. Be sure to read the follow up for extra heart warms.

There’s nothing like living in a fashion capital to make you doubt your style abilities. Bill Cunningham to the rescue.

The struggle is real.

The effort that goes into cheese. Totally worth it.

The Real Apple Store

“If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”
— Carl Sagan

As part of the Apple Day festivities, Borough Market set up one of the cleverest display exhibits I’ve seen in a while. Come and step into the REAL Apple Store!

 photo applestore1_zpsa7656c25.jpg

 photo applestore2_zpse62fd414.jpg

Now that’s just cheeky. The set up was made to deliberately mimic Apple Inc, down to the blue shirts of the display minders.

 photo applestore3_zpsa96bf79a.jpg

But rather than digital and electronics, the display was of 1000 varieties of apples, one for every year of Borough Market’s existence.

 photo applestore4_zps148bb9ec.jpg

 photo applestore5_zps00c6bf92.jpg

This apparently is the oldest recorded variety of apple in Britain, and it’s still around.

 photo applestore6_zps6e937037.jpg

We loved it. It was cute and clever and fun!

Apple Day at Borough Market

“It is remarkable how closely the history of the apple tree is connected with that of man.”
― Henry David Thoreau

Borough Market is currently celebrating 1000 years of history, and this year’s Apple Day pulled out all the stops with a proper harvest festival. Players put on traditional skits featuring English folk heroes like Robin Hood and anthropomorphic woodland creatures, Morris dancers performed, and a Green Man (a pagan throwback, probably to harvest and fertility gods) presided in a fab costume. The big deal this year was a display of 1000 apple varieties, including the oldest known variety to come to Britain. There were tasting stations to try the apples, the kitchens hosted baking classes, and generally a nicely traditional time was had by all!

 photo apple2_zps1c6056fa.jpg

 photo apple1_zpsd8a9d53e.jpg

 photo apple3_zps1a0ad267.jpg

Some of the varieties of apples grown in and near London throughout the centuries.

 photo apple4_zpsc216d9a5.jpg

The players performing, alongside a Corne Queene, a traditional symbol of plenty and constructed entirely of harvest bounty.

 photo apple5_zps6f42e279.jpg

The Green Man (also called the Berry Man and any other number of names across the centuries), a symbolic nature figure who appears in literature and traditions across Europe.

 photo apple6_zpsf4d2654c.jpg

One of the players hands out conkers…

 photo apple7_zpsd776cdb5.jpg

And the Morris dancers immediately start a game!